What skills do I need?

Anything that comes handy when getting creative. Project Management, Copyright, Design, Videography, Photography, Art Direction, Audio/Video Production, Editors, Strategists, UX/UI Design, Development and more! If you or someone you know has one or more skills send them our way! Applications open September 3, 2019.

Do I have to be in the Advertising major/minor/industry?

Of course not! We want everyone to participate. Everyone brings their own perspective which means we can create some awesome work together. If you're just the tiniest bit creative we want you to apply this September.

Do we create our own teams?

No. After everyone applies we will group students based on what they have to offer skill wise. If you're an community member with a preset company team, that will be your team. After teams are set we will assign you to a non-profit to work with.

I want to participate. How do I start?

Apply online starting September 3, 2019. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter so that you're notified on when things go live.

Where will this event be held?

Createathon Oregon will be hosted at the University of Oregon. Facilities will be announced upon confirmation.

Why should I do this?

As a student you'd get great experience working with a client, portfolio work, mentorship and networking opportunities with fellow students and local industry professionals. Plus free food and swag.

If you're an industry professional/community member you'll be able to do pro-bono/community service on behalf of your company. You'll also be able to see what talent our students bring. Plus of course free food and swag.

Why is this only 24 hours?

We know students and other community members are busy so we want to respect your time. For students we will be providing an optional extra 24 hours so that you can finish polishing your deliverables.

Do I have to pay to participate?

No! This is free for everyone. Thanks to our supporters (The Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship, UO Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club).

When does this event start?

January 24, 2020. Time and location announced upon confirmation.

Why is this a 24 hour event but it's Jan 24-26?

Great question! That's because Friday, January 24 is the event kickoff orientation and ceremony. January 25th is when the work begins. Early January 26th work wraps up and students have the rest of the day to polish their deliverables. 

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